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Sarah Turner

Give It a go! Really worth it!

Absolutely brilliant! I wasn't sure me and hubby could crack the codes but we did! We did use the hints though ☺️ although we only used them to make sure we were on the right tracks! It really got us thinking and we love it, can't wait for the next one! Definitely give it a go! Really quick delivery too!

Anne Booty

So much fun! We loved it and can’t wait for the next instalment

Clear instructions, gripping story, just the right amount of scary

Gaynor Larrigan

Highly recommended

Fantastic experience. We had a lot of fun cracking the codes, and figuring out the relationships. Got stuck on a few red herrings 🤣 The clues (yes...we had to use a couple), were nicely vague enough to confirm we were on the right track without giving away the answer.

Jaime Kent

Great Game

I have only received one box so far, it is great however I did get stuck on the last clue which kept me going for days. Would recommend

Samuel Gullo

Having done several escape rooms and at-home puzzle mysteries like this, I was very impressed with how the clues were laid out here.

Peter Josias

Fancy something different to sitting in front of the tv. Subscribe

Good service, first box arrived soon after subscription was completed.

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