Is this a recurring subscription?

Yes. Chilling Screams is a recurring subscription, meaning that you receive  chapter boxes every month and be charged every billing cycle unless you cancel your subscription.

Once a story is completed you will automatically start receiving the monthly chapters for the next story (and so on) unless you cancel your subscription.

A monthly billing payment plan means you will get billed every month. A six month pre-pay plan means you will get billed every six months. And a 12 month pre-pay plan means you will get billed every 12 months.

Do you ship worldwide? If so, how much is delivery?

We sure do! Just enter your address on our cart page and it will work out the delivery cost for you.

How much will it cost?

Our games start at £9.95

How often will I receive my box?

You'll receive each chapter box at around the same date every month.

If I join today, will I have missed any previous chapters?

Each game is sequential. Whenever you join, you will get the first box of the series so you don't miss anything!

Is this a computer/board game?

This isn't a computer game or board game. It's so much more.

Although we use video, audio and online puzzles as part of our games we intentionally create them with real life items that you can hold in your hands and be part of the immersive element. 

A computer/smartphone/tablet is recommended as a tool to get the most from the game and access the online content.

How long does each chapter take to play?

Each story is designed to be played at your own pace.

We create each monthly chapter with 2-3 hours worth of gameplay in mind.

Some players like to devour each box in one sitting, others like to dip in and out over a few days to let their brains work out the next step.

Keep an eye out for the Easter Eggs hidden in each chapter for extra kudos and our undying respect!

Can I buy as a gift for someone else?

Yes, you can. Simply choose the gift option toggle at checkout.

Are these games really cipher heavy?  And if so, does the game give you the answer if you just can’t find it on your own?

The games do include ciphers and puzzles within them as well as the investigative nature of the gameplay.
Every box/chapter is accompanied with online hint’s, help and the answer so if you do get stuck you can always solve it.
Also, our support team is on hand to answer any questions if you need a nudge in the right direction.

You may email us at support@chillingscreams.com

Can I cancel at anytime?

We think you'll be having too much fun to cancel, but if you do decide to stop your subscription we make it super easy.

Simply complete the request over at https://chillingscreams.com/cancel and we'll process it straight away.

Word of warning - these games are seriously addictive!

Please note; if you have chosen a payment plan deal with a minimum commitment period, you will not be able to cancel until after the minimum commitment period ends.

Is there a single-player mode for this game?

Our games are designed so they can be played solo or in a group. They are ideal for games nights, date nights or playing alone.

Do you need the internet to complete the game?

Yes, access to the internet (could be via a smartphone data connection - data costs may apply) is required to view the online evidence portion of the game (videos/audio/photos etc).

What is the suggested age range for this subscription?

We recommend the age of 16+ for the game.

What languages do you support?

Currently all our games and experiences use English language.

Let us know via help@chillingscreams.com if you'd like a translation into another language and if we have enough interest we'll certainly consider adding another version.

When is my subscription billed?

Your subscription is billed on or around the same day every period, whether that be monthly, every six months or every 12 months.

When is my subscription going to be shipped?

We ship once every week, so your first shipment will be despatched within 1 week of your payment.

What is the cut-off date for this month's box?

Our games are sequential so whenever you start you'll receive the first box to a story and then the second the next month and so on.

We do retire stories from time to time so if you want to ensure you play the current story it's worth ordering as soon as possible to ensure it's still active.

Are you able to start solving once you have received the whole subscription? E.g. Order and receive for 6 months and then start solving once you have a "stash of episodes"

Hi, no you solve each box as you receive them. Each box has its own puzzles with some of the later boxes needing info from previous boxes. Each box is considered a chapter in the overall story and builds on the last.

I have a question that's not answered here?

No problem at all. We love speaking to our potential Screamers! Drop us a line either on Facebook Messenger or via the help@chillingscreams.com email address and we'll do our best to help you out.