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Chilling Screams is an immersive, thriller mystery experience you solve at home.

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bringing back a great night in..

Whether you fancy attacking the game by yourself, with a partner or decide to recruit your own crack team of paranormal investigators you'll be right in the middle of the action.

When compared to the cost of a good night out, a new computer game or a takeaway dinner, you can see what exceptional value a Chilling Screams subscription will be.

So; clear a space to enter the dark world of Chilling Screams. Grab some snacks, drinks and dim the lights. Close the curtains and lock all the doors!

Your nightmare is about to begin.



Every story is delivered to you through six spine tingling chapters, delivered one per month.


Each chapter is bursting with strange clues to unravel, weird objects to inspect and tricky puzzles to solve. Every clue and piece of evidence is useful in some way.


But be warned, with traps, red herrings and danger in every dark corner, you'll need your wits and bravery to work your way through the game. It's up to you to decide the truth...

Chilling Screams has to be played to be understood

Combining audio, video, puzzles and physical evidence sent to you every month, it's like a horror mystery / escape room in your own home. You'll need nerves of steel and all your wits to play.

It's a totally different subscription box game.


My girlfriend and I enjoy solving puzzles and going to pub quizzes. Not being able to go out at the moment we thought we’d try this. Had no idea what to expect, but it hasn’t disappointed. It’s been lots of fun and has something for everyone. You certainly don’t have to be just a horror fan to enjoy it

Ben Russel
London, UK

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plus many more to come...

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We know you're going to love being a Chilling Screams investigator, but how do YOU know?

Worry not, because if you don't LOVE your first box, just let us know within 14 days, follow the return instructions and we'll cancel your subscription and fully refund your original purchase price. Simple!


Are you brave enough to enter the Manor of the Damned?
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If you are not 100% satisfied with Chilling Screams, we guarantee we'll make it right. Subscriptions automatically renew and you are committing to the length of your Chilling Screams' subscription deal.

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