A Deep Dive into True-Crime Stories 

By Games Master

Let’s take a deep dive into true crime stories and why they’re so popular. With the rise of different streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc., documentaries and movies circling the topic of crime, investigation, murder-mystery, heists have been booming.  

Why are people attached to this type of movie or story?  

  • First off, they’re very interesting. Each story happened in real life which hits close to home.  
  • Second, it makes you wonder why the “event” happened and what makes people go over the edge? 
  • Third, people love crime, scandal, and any story that is intriguing because of the thrill of the chase and fear.  
  • Fourth, because evil and mayhem fascinates each and every one of us no matter how hard we deny it.  
  • Lastly, these types of stories give us an outlet to release our innermost curiosity and it teaches us how to survive in that situation.  

Don’t you just love it? It gives us a glimpse of the minds of our fellow men. What made them tick? What pushed them to commit such heinous crimes? As humans, we have this instinct to find solutions to scenarios that bother us. Solving a mystery gives us closure and pleasure at the same time.  

So do not fret if you enjoy true-crime stories, it is totally normal, to an extent. True crime stories have a fascinating storyline. The twists and turns in every line, phrase, and at the top of every sentence, will surely send shivers down your spine.  

What do you think? What if Chilling Screams created such astonishing true crime stories? With the current stories we’ve been visualising, there is no doubt that Chilling Screams’ crime and scandal edition will be a hit!  

Stay tuned to our social media and blog posts to our upcoming one-of-a-kind true crime stories. It’s going to be life-changing!  


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