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The Fourth kind- chilling screams discount tag story

Fourth kind is a movie about Alien abduction. According to Dr. Abbigail, there are four types of alien abduction.

  • The first kind is seeing a UFO.
  • The second kind is seeing evidence of it; such as crop circles or radiation.
  • The third kind is making contact with them.
  • Lastly, the fourth kind is when the aliens abduct humans.

Do you strongly believe that there are lifeforms outside the earth? Are the aliens for real? Are they friends or are they a threat to man kind?


The Fourth kind is a fictional movie which featured Dr. Abigail Tyler, she is a wife, a mother of two, and a psychiatrist from Nome, Alaska. In October of 2000, the life of Dr. Abigail Tyler, a wild-eyed therapist from Nome, Alaska took an unexplainable turn. Her husband mysteriously died, on the same night when her daughter loss her sight, while her son becoming indifferent towards Abbey as he blames her for his father's death.  

Obbey, with the help of her fellow psychiatric tried to recall, her husbands murder but to no avail. Dr. Campos suggest to Abbey to take sometime off. Hence, she  flew back to Nome in October 1, 2000 to see her patients. She then conducted hypnotherapy sessions with them. Then another strange thing happened. A number of her patient showed a weird pattern during hypnosis. Everyone seem to be seeing a  “white Owl” staring at them while they attempt to sleep. 

One night, Abbey pulls out a book written by Dr. Odusami, and then played her husband’s recording of his studies, saying that sleep disorders have becoming a trend in Nome with the cause still remains unknown. He also states that more than 300 people throughout Nome exhibits the similar symptom, which is waking up for no apparent reason around 3 AM feeling apprehensive and frightened. Thus, she realised that most of her patients experience a similar sleeping pattern. 

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Mystery Crime investigator

What do you think actually happened with Dr. Tyler, her patients, and family? 

How would a mystery crime investigator like yourself solve such mystery? Roll-up your sleeves and let's put your knowledge to the test! 

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