Chilling Screams Missing Clay Porter

By Games Master

Are you fascinated by all thing’s mystery? Do you like solving crime-investigations? Most of all, do you want to be a Chilling Screams investigator? Chilling Screams Missing Clay Porter is the answer for you.  

Missing Clay Porter is part of our mini-game series which is a print-at-home mystery game from the creators of Chilling Screams. On the other hand, if you enjoyed Manor of the Damned, The Facility, and Project CRISPR, then you’ll surely love the interesting story behind Missing Clay Porter.  

This mini-game is all about peculiar events happening in a town in which a child goes missing. No matter how hard Clay’s mother tried to ask help from the police, no one seemed to have any leads to his whereabouts.

Do you want to solve the mystery behind Clay Porter’s disappearance? 

Help Clay’s mother find her missing child. All you need to do is play the game. We know you have what it takes to find the missing boy… 

What’s Chilling Screams Missing Clay Porter?

It is a story of epic proportions. This involves mystery, mayhem, horror, suspense, thriller, and a lot of puzzles to solve. All of these and more, just in one mini-game.  We know that you’re brave enough to discover the truth.

The question is, do you believe in yourself enough to tackle this mystery?  We have faith in your capabilities as an investigator.

Clay’s life is in your hands. Only you can help him! We know you can solve this mystery. Be one of our many customers who have had the honor to be an investigator in his case. If they can do it, so can you!  

Our mini-game is a limited edition. Time is running out for Clay and for you. Click the link below to start investigating.  

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