Horror Mystery Subscription Box

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Are you looking for a new source of entertainment? We’ve got you covered. Experience a fun, vibrant, exciting, and thrilling night of your life. This is not your typical subscription box. Chilling Screams is an award-winning horror mystery subscription box like no other.

In all honesty, many people are dying to know what’s lurking inside our horror mystery subscription box.

What makes it unique from other subscription boxes with the same theme?

Although Chilling Screams is not the only horror mystery subscription box out there, our subscribers confess that we are the best there is.

Hence, Chilling Screams uses a mix-theme genre that involves horror, mystery, as well as sci-fi.

Thus, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard our followers say the same thing- “this is the best mystery game I’ve played in my entire life!”  

Horror Subscription Box UK

Intrigue, suspense, coupled with an escape-room element, this is what Chilling Screams is all about.

With every chapter delivered to you monthly, we guarantee that you will experience the most thrilling mystery game ever made!

Chilling Screams is a local horror subscription box in the UK. Some of the characters and places in our mystery game are all in the UK which makes the game even more interesting.

As a matter of fact, our subscribers from the UK all love the local vibe that we have created for the game.

So, for our international subscribers, they get to fully experience the intensity of a horror mystery subscription box from the UK

Indeed, a horror mystery subscription box in the UK is a major game-changer for mystery games. 

Additionally, playing one of our Chilling Screams games’ will give you memories to last a lifetime. 

Mystery Games Never Looked This Good

Have you ever seen the inside of a Chilling Screams box?

Every box does have so much detail that all the contents inside play a role in solving the mystery. When you open a Chilling Screams box, you will be in awe and excitement as you rummage through the clues. 

In facet, everyone hopes that they might get an idea of how the game will turn out by looking at the items we have in store. 

Wrong. The game is full of nooks and crannies that it won’t be as easy to decipher the puzzles and clues. 

Furthermore, Chilling Screams is your gateway to fun. But, if you’ve thought of subscribing to our horror mystery subscription box for a while, we have given you all the reasons to make that decision. 

As a matter of fact, our mystery game is a dream come true for horror and mystery enthusiasts out there. If you are not a big fan of the macabre, we can guarantee that you’ll subscribe for life. 

Don't hesitate. Jump on this opportunity. 

We know you want to, stop teasing...

Ready to experience the best night of your life? Don't hesitate, click subscribe now!  

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