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Subscription boxes have been trending these days. There is a subscription box for almost anything. From cosmetics, games, books, clothing, and many more. In the industry of mystery games, a name that is well-known is Hunt a Killer. They are a US-based murder mystery subscription box that mainly deals with solving crime mysteries. Like most subscription boxes, Hunt a Killer’s subscribers receive one box in the mail per month. This represents an episode from their recent game. But what if you want to buy more local? Well, you’re in luck - Chilling Screams is a renowned Hunt a Killer UK alternative.

Why is it an Alternative?

Why is it an alternative you ask? Chilling Screams although similar to Hunt a Killer, varies in many ways. Additionally, Hunt a Killer mainly focuses on real crime mysteries and they incorporate that in their games. However, Chilling Screams on the other hand is an alternative that is a mix of a lot of genres. Genres such as sci-fi, horror, mysteries all in one chilling box.

Likewise, non-US subscribers who purchase Hunt a Killer may experience higher costs due to shipping fees and customs fees as well. This can become quite expensive. With all these extra costs accompanying the box, this may give UK-based or other international subscribers second thoughts on purchasing.

This is one of the many reasons why Chilling Screams came to life. As a matter of fact, we want to help mystery game enthusiasts experience an extraordinary and different type of game. Similarly, Hunt a Killer and Chilling Screams have some qualities in common such as:

  • There are six chapters/episodes in every game.
  • Every chapter builds its story from the previous one.
  • They are also both not just offline content, they incorporate videos and audio to fully immerse players.
  • Lastly, both games have an “escape room” element.

Chilling Screams is a Hunt a Killer UK alternative that aims to provide its subscribers with an utmost chilling experience. Furthermore, many people have said that Chilling Screams is a fresher, more interesting, more exciting version of Hunt a Killer.

Hunt a Killer UK Alternative Kicks Off

Chilling Screams, a Hunt a Killer UK alternative, has received worldwide praise ever since it was created. This exceptional response that has been received from subscribers has inspired the company to create more thrilling and horrifying games. The goal is not just to create a Hunt a Killer UK alternative but the company’s goal is to entertain players, create awesome games and make more fun!

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