Unsolved Cases

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Unsolved Cases: It's a shame that so many criminals go free due to lack of evidence. 

The police have their hands full with catching bad guys, but somehow they manage to miss the guilty party on leaving baffling cases. 

A dead body is found in an alleyway and the case is on your hands! Will you be able to find out who was responsible for this murder?

The popular Murder Mystery series puts you right in the director's chair of a gripping whodunit. Are you ready to solve your first baffling case? 

Use your detective skills to crack each warning and find out who committed the crime. 

In this thrilling murder mystery series, you get to solve the most intricate cases and outsmart the villains that want to keep their crimes hidden from you!

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Look at the crimes, you are the detective now! Use your deductive skills to solve baffling cases these crimes in our murder mysteries. 

The more clues you find for the unsolved cases, and the more murders you solve the baffling case, the better chance you have of winning an award or a prize.

These fascinating murder mysteries are all yours to solve, in a game of deduction and deduction. 

Solve the case with your own unique style of detective work, and look out for red herrings and other helpful hints, like footprints or a killer weapon-unsolved cases!


ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? These murder mysteries are waiting to be solved by you. 

Be the detective in these thrilling games and see if you can catch the culprit. Crack open your cases and start using your wits to unmask a murderer!

What better way to spend a rainy day than solving a murder? Whether it's a fast paced game like Ace Attorney or the classic whodunit, these games are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Who killed the victim? Was it an evil genius or someone who knew too much about them? How did they get away with their crimes? 

Find out in our full selection of detective games!



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