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Chilling Mystery Hunter

By Games Master

Immersive mystery games are said to test a person’s intelligence level. Is this the reason why people love to play Chilling Screams mystery games? Do you want to be a chilling mystery hunter?


Fancy a good brain teaser? 

There is nothing I love more that a good old mystery story, whether its classic novels like A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle, or the more modern televised sleuthing shows like Twin Peaks. Thus, there is always something about solving mystery puzzles spikes my brain to hype mode!

Although I am not certain if other Chilling mystery hunters resonates with me or not. I for one truly enjoy playing detective games whenever I had a chance to flaunt my mystery solving brilliance. 

How about you? are you also a big fan of good old mystery novels like Arthur Conan Doyle? Or the modern-day works with elements of thriller more to your liking?

If you want to learn more on what type of detective are you, check Chilling Screams Mystery games! Take advantage of the £1 promo for the first month if you take a multi-month subscription. This offer is made especially for chilling mystery hunter just like yourself. Subscribe now! 

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You missed out!

A Childhood recollection

Where do you think your Chilling mystery hunter spirit awaken?

I remember when I was just a lad. I have always been fascinated reading classic mystery novels of Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. Furthermore, this book genre intrigues me the most to the point of obsession! Thus, I have always wanted to play detective games in my head. Meanwhile, watching thrilling movies or even documentation that involves such always gets me.

Moreover, subscribing to a monthly mystery box games help me indeed to exercise my wits a little more. Therefore, I would highly Chilling Screams mystery game if you fancy solving crimes and mystery like myself.

More importantly, you might wish to take advantage of £1 for your first box Chilling Screams mystery box monthly subscription. Besides, this  special promo is only available for a very limited time. 


Get your Chilling mystery hunter mood on now!

Other important note, this is a rolling subscription that is only available for multi-month deal only! 

Therefore, grab your box now, chilling mystery hunter!



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