Game Nights

By Games Master

Game nights are the ultimate way to spend an evening. 

Whether you are throwing a super special family getaway, or just having friends over for drinks in the great outdoors, our Chilling Screams subscription box will help your next game night be something to remember!

Game Nights; Welcome to the most exciting mystery game in the UK!

Playing a game is fun, but sometimes it can be difficult to imagine how the story could go. By letting the players solve the mystery around the rules, they have unlimited freedom to create an exciting tale doing Game Nights!

This is what leads us to use games as our medium of choice for game nights.

The Chilling Screams Game is a multiple choice deduction game where you must make decisions to deduce details from your surroundings. Therefore, the goal is to solve the crime and find out who did it. Or can you escape???

However, can you escape room game where you must make decisions to deduce details from your surroundings? Can you escape and solve the case, or will you bow down to the power of evil?

Experience what it's like to be an Investigator as you solve crimes and find out who did it! Now you can explore the crime scenes, interrogate suspects and crack the case. Play as an officer on duty and solve mysteries that have been plaguing cities all over the world.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure as you crack the case of a lifetime. Stay on top of the action with mind boggling games, from whodunits to puzzles and logic puzzles.

Meanwhile, this Investigator is on the case! Feel what it's like to be a real Investigator with this mind boggling-solving game. Change your role from innocent victim to bad guy, what's more, catch the real criminal as you uncover clues, solve mysteries and crack codes. Your fate is in your hands as you play Investigator... forever!


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