True-Crime Games

True-Crime Games

By Games Master

True-Crime Games; Have you been binge-watching True-Crime stories? Have you thought you could be a better Investigator than the ones you see on TV?

But what game would make you feel like you were a True-Crime Investigator?

It's Chilling Screams Games, of course!!! Subscribe now and enjoy being a True-Crime Investigator yourself! True-Crime Games Investigators? Get to know who were your friends. With all the games, Chilling Scream offers you, bombarding bone-chilling cases that need YOU to uncover.

However, it's up to your investigative skills if you can solve all the mysteries before the body count reaches zero.

Therefore, this is not just any ordinary game. This is a true-crime games investigator, and You're invited! Subscribe now and discover the story behind mysterious cases in the world. 

This comes with an awesome horror and mystery theme, which blends perfectly with the gameplay. 

Additionally, there is a mysterious killer bumping people off in your small town and you must help track down the killer. This is one of the most popular series out there right now. Therefore, It should definitely be added to your list for game nights. The murder mystery industry is already a lucrative one.  

Chilling Screams Investigation: True-Crime Games brings you the chilliest true-crime games cases to your fingertips. Put on your detective hat and sift through clues, hunt for elusive evidence, and weigh all the facts. Additionally, if you're confident, you'll find out what happened between two people who were once close friends and neighbors.

Furthermore, there are things to consider: Was there foul play? Was it a planned murder? Who benefits from the victim's death? Who would benefit from concealing evidence against the killer? Were some other explanation that's just as logical? However, you seek answers, but what happens when they lead you down a dead end or past your last clue? Are you ready to be a True-Crime Investigator? Yes? YES!!!

Subscribe now to Chilling Screams Games and start solving crimes right away. Play as a True-Crime Investigator and try to solve real murders, robberies and even random killings by using your wits.

Discover the truth and catch the killers before it's too late! 


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