Is Chilling Screams a Subscription Trap?

By Games Master

Is Chilling Screams a subscription trap or a scam?

What a great question! 🙂

Doing your research?

You’re going to do well in the games investigator…

Short Answer: Absolutely 1 billion percent NO! Nada! No chance! No way Jose!

Long Answer: grab a coffee and read on…

Subscription products have got some bad press over the last few years and it’s understandable to be wary when considering one.

Thankfully, apart from a few unscrupulous companies out there (you know who you are!), most subscription product businesses are genuine, customer centric and work hard to provide real value to their customers.

Then why the bad press you ask?

Well, I’m glad to say in most cases it’s just a small proportion of customers who genuinely misunderstood what they ordered/agreed to. Or; more commonly wanted to back out of an agreement because they changed their minds or situation later on. 

These reasons are not really the subscription company’s fault, but unfortunately these customers are always the most vocal on social media and review sites tarnishing a good business. 🙁 Not fair, but it happens sadly.

Don't forget subscription products are fantastic! The excitement they bring every month when a new gift to yourself arrives packed full of fun, gameplay and intriguing artefacts! 

And you didn't have to remember to order it!

Therefore, (as one of the good guys) I want to explain how our subscriptions work to save any hassle for you (or us!) in the future.

Firstly don't forget 3 important things:

  • We don't offer trials. You are subscribing from the day you purchase.
  • We DO have an amazing 'Love Your First Box' 100% Money back Guarantee instead, so you can still ensure you enjoy our games before fully committing! 🙂
  • We only use Feefo as our official independent reviews site. Any others are not monitored by us and typically allow anyone to post a review without verifying purchase details, leaving them open to misuse and fake reviews (naughty, naughty!). We don't respond or engage on these other platforms so please do not use them for us.
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So is Chilling Screams a subscription trap?

Not at all. We always endeavour to do right by our customers and only ask that customers honour any commitment they agreed to when they purchase from us. We will always do the same, so its only fair. 🙂

So let me tell you about how it works...

When you subscribe you will have access to the customer portal where you can self-manage your subscription at any time, including cancelling,  pausing, checking order/shipping history and upcoming payments. Our friendly customer service team is also on hand if you need any extra help.

chilling screams trap scam

When you order your subscription with us you will be presented with a few options. Typically these include a monthly option, a 6 month commitment option and a 12 month commitment option. 

chilling screams trap scam

(example of product choice type webpages)

The monthly option typically is the most expensive of the 3 as there is no commitment, and  should you wish to cancel, it is processed immediately when you select it in the portal.

The 6 month and 12 month commitment plans are normally better value and best value (in that order), but to qualify for the better prices and any promotions, you choose to commit to the relevant minimum period of the subscription (e.g. 6 or 12 months).

After all we wouldn’t be able to keep creating awesome games for you if we gave everything away for next to nothing!

The team need to eat 🙂

If you cancel on the portal whilst in a commitment period, the system sets your cancellation to occur after the last commitment payment has been made (in line with your original order agreement). When you cancel via the customer portal you will see a notification letting you know when the cancellation will take place.

If you subscribe using a promotion then it is highly likely you will subscribe on a commitment period as promotions on our monthly deal plan are rare for reasons already mentioned.

We hope this helps clarify things for you, but if not please reach out to the team via email at [email protected] for further help.

And; if you do see malicious comments or fake news about us on the web, you now know the true story so you can make a more informed opinion.

And lastly; if this honest and common sense article hasn't put you off subscribing, we'd love for you to join us as a Chilling Screams investigator so you can see for yourself how great a subscription game can be...


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