Are YOU Ready for Mystery Season?

By Games Master

Are you a fan of murder mystery games? Is it Mystery Season yet?

IT IS MYSTERY SEASON!!! Do you like whodunnit murder mysteries (ie. Agatha Christie) and try to figure out the killer before they do? Then these are the perfect gifts for you!

Ahhh, mystery and intrigue — there's nothing better. 

While I wouldn't recommend it for game night at the moment, there is something about letting other people solve a mystery for you that will always be fun.

My house has been filled with voices asking if I'm okay after listening to an audio clip from the game and even had one of my cats loudly squeak while watching a video clip.

If you're anything like me then the idea of a subscription box game would be appealing. You get the satisfaction of receiving something new and exciting every month, it could even be something you've been needing for a long time!

Pulling a sense of humor out of the bag, this will definitely make a great gift for your questing friends for mystery season!

If you're game enough to tackle the mysteries (after all, we're in the Mystery Season) with me then you've already got the first box waiting for you on your doorstep… And you know what? You'll have to be a little bit crazy to do that.

It's time to break the seal and enter the world of the Unknown.  After a lot of hard work and creative inspiration, Chilling Screams Subscription is always available for you to play. 

We were not born yesterday — and we understand that some things take time. We realized that not every game idea is immediately marketable (and if it was, wouldn't it already be on the shelf?)

The Chilling screams box is like a horror mystery/escape room in your own home. Wait, did I say MYSTERY SEASON?! Its nerve-wracking, terrifying and suspenseful as you have to investigate grisly murders and figure out who's done it.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "better get used to it" before. And yes, the saying is true when it comes to Chilling Screams – if you are new to this box of terror then prepare for a whole lot of jumping around and screaming.

Your senses are tingling. Your brain is working overtime. 

And the atmosphere is thick with anticipation as you open the box that just arrived via courier, during this mystery season.

It's a totally different sort of subscription box game. Whether you fancy attacking the game by yourself, with a partner or decide to recruit your own crack team of paranormal investigators you'll be right in the middle of the action.

Are you ready for a good scare? You are about to enter the dark mysterious world of Chilling Screams and it's all in your hands. 

The monthly mystery box contains everything you need to take part in this real life chilling experience, a computer game each month with an actual mystery season story, audio clues for finding your way through the maze and puzzles to solve along the way.



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