Screams from Escape Room

By Games Master

What is an escape room? What makes them fun and exciting? The intense feeling when inside a locked room with your friends can be so thrilling.  

ESCAPE ROOM? What?! If you've ever been on the hunt for a supernatural mystery in your life, this new ghost hunting game is for you. 

First, as the player, you will be put into a haunted game and will have to use your wits and even your sense of smell in order to reach the escape room. However,  This will be the most addictive ghost hunting game out of all the ones you've played before.

Have you heard of ghost hunters going missing? It's a cold autumn night, the sky is pitch black and there's not a soul about. All of a sudden, you hear a noise and look over to see a figure in a dark cloak line the back of your car. 

However, just imagine, you’re locked in a room with a zombie or ghost trying to taunt you while you solve puzzles and clues to achieve your goal. Usually, the goal is the key to get out of the room.

Now you're trapped in this old building and you must find a way to escape. In order to reach the final chapter, you'll need to ESCAPE!


Furthermore, this week's blog is a true-life horror story about a group of paranormal investigators who went missing after going into an Escape Room. They last seen entering an old bear cage in one of the zoo's more remote areas. Well, hence, their fate has now been left up to you, the player/investigator.

Your goal is find the missing investigators, before it's too late. This is a game where your flashlight will be your most valuable tool to track down the missing investigators.

Hence, the puzzles and clues that are given are not as easy as they seem. There are times when these puzzles get so complicated and are mind-blowing to answer. The challenges while trying to achieve the goal is the reason why they are so popular.  

For those who have already play and love the game, you'll be glad to know there are more chapters for you to enjoy, and more opportunities to save your progress with a subscription! If you haven't yet subscribed the game, feel free to enjoy the entire game!

escape room

Being in this room plays with our senses.  

Additionally, the sounds we hear in the room are scary and true-to-life. The things we see are horrifying at times. Escape rooms also play with our ability to smell and feel, which is why by instinct, we want to get out.  

Importantly, we hope you enjoy our article on the ESCAPE ROOM game. We hope this article helps you decide on what subscription option is best for you! If you want to learn more, you can visit our website at


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