Do You Fancy a Mystery?

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MYSTERY GAMES? Chilling Screams is definitely your Halloween go-to scary game!

Are you a fan of MURDER MYSTERY? You and your friends are instantly transported to the world of the paranormal where you, without a doubt, will be part of an investigation team investigating a murder mystery that has just taken place.

Furthermore, you will have to work together as a team to find clues and interrogate suspects, importantly, unveil dark secrets and catch the killer before it’s too late!

typically, It's like watching a movie with your friends, but in the middle of it you get to make choices that affect how the story goes.


Especially, once month you will receive a box containing instructions and evidences for the mission, plus some helpful tips and suggestions on how to play. Additionally, each mission will present you with clues and potential suspects, which you then need to use in order to solve the murder mystery.

Without a doubt, this is a one of a kind interactive murder mystery game. Set in the dark Gothic world, furthermore, you are investigating as either a solo player or teaming up with friends if you dare. Importantly, the game is completely interactive and immersive, indeed, you'll feel like you're really there - on location, moreover, in the dark and eerie Victorian Mansion where this blood-chilling story takes place.

true-crime games

You’re invited to take part in an epic murder mystery and thrilling game taking place in a secret, haunted house. 

Whereas, you will become a member of the all-powerful paranormal MURDER MYSTERY investigators!

Obviously and importantly, Murder Mystery Scenarios are our latest range of feature-length mysteries. Indeed, a perfect blend of in-depth character development and cunning plot twists, these unique adventures will keep you entertained for hours. Secondly, each scenario comes with written instructions and guidance that makes creating your own thrilling murder mystery moreover, possible using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

murder_chilling screams

Indeed, Our games are not your typical murder mystery. Therefore, unlike other games where the victim’s identity is known from the outset, in Chilling Screams your victim will remain a mystery until the end of the game!

Nevertheless, Chilling Screams is the UK's only mystery escape room experience. Moreover, The Chilling Screams experience is designed to be scary, intense, and challenging. However, It will test your team's problem solving ability, communication skills and teamwork.


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