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Create your own escape room experience at home or even outdoors with family and friends! Get your thriller subscription box now!


Perfume: Story of a murderer

Are you  familiar with the story? It centers the life of Jean-Baptiste who was born during the 18th century in France. He was incredibly talented in discerning scent. A phenomenal skill like no other. A one in a million talent that is gifted to him alone. 

Hence, Jean-Baptiste became obsessed by the intoxicating power of the girl smell, which made clear to him that he must learn how to preserve scent in order not to lose such sublime perfection. His obsession eventually made him kill 24 girls in preparation for killing Laure, without ever leaving a trace that would link him to the crimes.

And of course, who would not know -Richis. A high-ranking official in Grasse and the father of Laure. A cultured and modern man who have been following the series of murders of the girls in Grasse. 

Watching the movie made me want to help Richis solve the crime faster in order to avoid the killing of Laure. Such chilling movie indeed, wouldn't you agree? Wouldn't it be lovely to have such experience via thriller subscription box.


Thrill Seekers

For thrill seekers like you and myself, our imagination can go wild! And the desire of solving mystery is such riveting reward! Solving puzzles, putting together little clues that can be a key to a mystery game, does that sound like a treat?

True-Crime Games

From books, to movies, to thriller subscription box series! 

You are here for a treat indeed! Chilling Screams team work hard to give such experience that you desire. They have gather all the genre you like to try!

If you are looking for an adequate chilling experience. Look no further- Chilling Screams Team got you covered!

Authentic thriller subscription box experience

The very best mystery and crime experience can be found in a box! Explore the chilling new or classic old story theme for your thriller subscription box at Chilling Screams Now!


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