Chilling Screams: Thrill Seeking Adventure

By Games Master

Chilling Screams: Thrill Seeking Adventure is an adventure game that delivers a chilling experience with a scary atmosphere.

Enjoy exciting puzzles, detailed graphics, thrill seeking adventure and immersive audio in this frightful hunting game.


You're invited to join us on a journey into the unknown - a Thrill Seeking Adventure where danger lurks around every corner. Experience the thrill of a lifetime - as you conquer treacherous passes, brave steep climbs and glacier plunge through ice caves.

Join us in Chilling Screams, our newest extreme chilling subscription game here in the UK.

A horror-filled experience, Chilling Screams - a thrilling journey in which you must explore the dark recesses of your own mind.

 A mysterious illness befell your family, turning them into living corpses. You’ll have to solve puzzles, conquer challenges, and survive ancient horrors to save them. 


Equally important, experience of a terrified person chasing someone unseen who isn't there. Additionally, player must use their wits to escape from their horrifying pursuer as they frantically run from the room and try to find some form of help.

Furthermore, plunge into terror with chilling screams; you venture through the mysterious worlds of Chilling Screams! 

The screams will keep your adrenaline pumping. Well, you rush to find hidden collectables and power-ups

This horror game experience takes the idea of a person chasing an imaginary enemy and adds a speed jump feature. However, during your scary escape scene, you can use this speed to run away from the monster or make a mad dash through small spaces.

The creature isn't real and..... another one of our creepy creations.

 You're trapped in a dark room, with nothing and no one around you. You must use your wits to escape from your pursuer. Moreover, if you can survive long enough, you may make it out alive! 


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